Imaging for Millennials

Sadly, the produced imaging on most radio stations hasn’t evolved much since the 1990’s, and stations that target millennials are really missing the boat because of this.

Millennials aren’t impressed by your ability to add zaps, stutters, and efx to a produced piece of imaging. Words actually matter, and anything that is too slick and produced is immediately considered “spam” to their ears.

Authenticity is the way to go.

Get rid of the grindy voice people and their growly reads… go with something that sounds real and human. You are far better served to spend lots of time writing a promo with meaning that actually has something to say, rather than the typical highly produced list of facts.

Get used to the fact that nobody cares about your radio station until you give them a reason to. And if you’re really good, and create an emotional bond with your audience, chances are that bond will be very difficult to break. Over time, you build loyalty beyond reason… and those are the most powerful brands of all.

An authentic, powerful message will be heard – everything else is simply ignored.

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