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The Lesson of Bill Bonds

I may live somewhere else now, but make no mistake, I’m still an “East-Sider” from Detroit. Those that know me personally certainly can attest to that. And when “East-Side Detroit Dom” comes out, it’s usually because I’m seeing the big guy beat up on the little guy… something that us East-Siders would never tolerate. We […]

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Imaging for Millennials

Sadly, the produced imaging on most radio stations hasn’t evolved much since the 1990’s, and stations that target millennials are really missing the boat because of this. Millennials aren’t impressed by your ability to add zaps, stutters, and efx to a produced piece of imaging. Words actually matter, and anything that is too slick and […]

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How Powerful is Your Message?

I’m often asked if I think talk radio is dead. The answer is yes. And no.┬áThe old way of doing talk radio is dead. The skeleton has been walking around for a few years now to save funeral costs. It used to be that you could find a former Congressman or Judge and give them […]

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